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What is the Invest Domains Marketplace?

It's important to learn why becoming a member of the Invest Domains Marketplace is so important. Our members have access to a personal account with Invest Domains, LLC. Inside of your personal account you will see the latest news and trends in the domain industry, additional advanced training sessions online from Anthony Morrison each month, premium pricing on new domain registrations, and the ability to sell your domains in the Invest Domains Marketplace. This means literally thousands of people each month will see your domains for sale and have the ability to contact you to discuss purchasing. We have national exposure on television which brings thousands of visitors to the Invest Domains Marketplace each month. It's basically like having free nationwide advertising for the domains you're selling, and it's all included with your Invest Domains Membership!

The Features

No Selling or Commission Fees
The Invest Domains Marketplace is one of the first in the industry to charge NO COMMISSION fees when you buy or sell your domain names. This gives you the ability to list your valuable domain names in our marketplace worry free! We aren't going to hit you for 10% of your sale price. Our marketplace is here to help you succeed.
Advanced Online Tranings
Do you want to learn more about domain name investing? After watching the Invest Domains 6 DVD course our members have access to online advaned training classes. The classes are taught by industry experts like Anthony Morrison and Burt Anderson. Each month Invest Domains will release one extended training video to help our members become more profitable!
Latest News & Updates
The domain name industry is changing every day, and we want you to stay up to date. Our Invest Domains Members will have access to the latest news from the domain name industry. Knowledge is all you need to become successful, and thats why we want you to know everything about the industry as quickly as possible.
Premium Pricing On Domains
Register available domain names from our parters at Invest Domains and enjoy Premium Pricing on your domain name registrations. We make it easy for you to register your domain names and sell them all in one place at one time.
Access to Online Marketplace
As an Invest Domains member you have access to sell your domain names in our online Marketplace. The Invest Domains Marketplace is one of the first in the industry to be nationally televised. This brings new buyers to our marketplace each and every day! We advertise so you don't have to. Your job is simple list your domains for sale, and just wait for a buyer. We do the rest.
Domain Name Giveaway
Each month Invest Domains will give away a domain name to one of our members. We want you to be successful, and we are here to help! The domain name giveaway is just our way of saying thank you to our members for using our services, and learning about the domain investing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to sign up for the Invest Domains Membership to receive my 6 DVD training course?

A: Absolutely Not! The membership area is totally optional; however, we encourage you to join in order to benefit from everything the Invest Domains team has to offer you. Remember you get worldwide exposure to sell your domain names inside our marketplace.

Q: Can I cancel my membership if I don't like it?

A: Canceling your membership is certainly an option, however, we don't see that ever happening. With all of the information, tools, resources, advanced trainings, we think the Invest Domains members only area is well worth the a large monthly fee. However, right now it's yours free of charge! No Monthly fee's when you order our Invest Domains home study course.